Sunday, August 31, 2008

Late posting... lunch and dinner 8/29

After poetry I met my friend Katey for coffee around noon. We biked to the Bean Factory and after a few mishaps (some undie flashing and a sore bum) we got there in one piece. Unfortunately, the Acme sandwiches they usually sell were already sold out! I settled for an Odwalla Bar and an unsweetened iced tea (not pictured, part of the bike saga) to tide me over until the end of classes.I got a salad from the campus center around 3:30 (I was STARVING) that was made of romaine lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, red peppers and tomato; I topped it with oil and vinegar. The salad wasn’t anything special and I figured I’d be hungry, so I bought a banana as well.
As Jalene and I were walking home (!), we saw a chair sitting on the side of one of the major streets. As half of the furniture in my apartment in New York probably came off the sidewalk, we stopped to check it out: sitting in it, checking it’s squishiness, and seeing if it smelled like smoke or something funky. We decided it was a good find, and turned around only to see a guy around our age and an older man looking at us. They told us to take the chair (after having seen us smell it!), so we told them we’d come back with the car. Free chair! But I remembered I’d been talking (and gesturing) to them while holding my wilting banana peel. Ha. We spent most of the afternoon driving around in Michelle’s truck (and passed a family where we heard a little boy say, “Mommy, it’s a girl driving that truck!) picking stuff up for our house. I started getting really hungry around 7, so I had about three thin Snyder’s pretzel rods and a small tootsie roll (not pictured). We didn’t get to eat before 9PM, and since we have no food we went to Whole Foods and grabbed dinner at the salad bar. I remembered how good the mac and cheese is, so I got a big scoop of that (clockwise from bottom left), “Japanese” tofu, edamame salad, grilled and roasted veggies, grilled artichoke, curried cauliflower, and tofu with Indian spices. I tried not to eat all of it, so there are a few nibbles for lunch tomorrow. I drank another glass of Emergen-C; this might be a house of sick girls if we don’t get this dust cleared out!

Jalene at our new dining room table:
I don’t know why I’ve been so hungry lately, but about an hour after dinner I needed something more. I had a small cup (we don’t have bowls yet) of Mueslix with skim milk. The fresh garlic is trying to get into the picture!

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