Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunny Saturday

It’s a gorgeous day in St. Paul so today might be a day for… the State Fair! I went once a few years ago when I visited the school; I really only want to go to check out the honey and homemade jam stands. To keep in the spirit of things, I had my oats with thistle honey from the Indiana State Fair, made by Hunter’s Honey Farm. My aunt gets us a variety every year and it’s some of my favorite. My family is a little silly when it comes to things we can spread on bread: whenever we travel anywhere, we come back laden with jellies, honeys and spreads from our travels. And, it’s said that to ward of allergies you’re supposed to eat the honey from that region. I should get some Minnesota honey quick!

I had about ¾ of a cup of oats (cooked on the stove in skim milk) with:
½ tsp. flax seeds
2 walnuts
handful of raisins
tsp. honey
sprinkling of cinnamon

I washed down my vitamin spread with a nice glass of Emergen-C.

We went to Target to get some basic things for the house (yet somehow forgot butter, olive oil, and ketchup. I stopped at the deli to pick up this Archer Farms Southwestern Veggie Wrap. It's one of the only vegetarian options they have, but it's pretty good! I ate this a lot last year; The $2.99 price tag is hard to beat. The images are a little blurry... I've got to find some better lighting for these photos.

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