Friday, August 29, 2008

Not quite there... Dinner and breakfast

Last night I was so hungry come 7:15 that rather than go out and look for food, I paid to get into the cafeteria for the second time. Oh well. I had green beans sautéed in balsamic, some corn salad, and a veggie burger topped with cheddar, pickles, onions and a slice of tomato. Again, I should have taken the picture before I slathered it with condiments, but alas. To my boyfriend's amusement and dismay, I have become a ketchup fiend. I used to scorn those who used it at breakfast, but now I can't even think of eating an omelet without the stuff. So hidden under that red and yellow swirl is a standard, cafeteria-grade veggie patty. To make my mother proud, I had a tall glass of skim milk.

I wanted something sweet to finish off the meal, so I had a jello cup mixed with mystery fruit. I think it was orange.
I spent some time unpacking my dry goods in the kitchen and putting them in jars. The family I lived with in Paris did this and it really looks so much nicer than keeping stacks of cardboard boxes.While I was studying with my friend Megan on the floor (since we have no furniture) I snacked on a grapefruit. It was pretty sweet!

I woke up this morning around 6:30 to finish work and squeeze in a run before class. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of my socks, so I ditched the workout and had some Special K Red Berries and a coffee from Comics instead.

The house is pretty bare save for hefty bags and boxes scattered randomly across the room. I'm kind of enjoying how open and light it is (although it looks dark in this photo); Jalene and I are going to try to keep the living room relatively empty so we can have some nice floor space for yoga and whatnot. I set up a little workspace in what will be the dining room.

I had a glass of Açai Berry Emergen-C to wash down my vitamins (multi, vitamin A, calcium/ magnesium, fish oil, and flax oil) while I was getting ready.
Time to go to my poetry class!

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