Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another farewell

Hi, dreambugs! I hope your weekends wrapped-up beautifully.... maybe with a little football, maybe some sleep... whatever makes you happy!

I had sort of a blah workout today, but at least it was something. I did 20:00 minutes on the stairmaster (226 calories), then got on the bike but after a little more than a minute I got off. I tried to do some arm machines, but after two reps, I just wasn't feeling it and stopped. One of those days, I guess!

I went to Whole Foods with my dad for lunch today. It was a little bigger than usual, but after being so hungry during work last night I didn't want to deal with that again.

Here, I have mesclun greens with Indian curry tofu, BBQ tofu, and Thai "Chicken." I put a little oil and vinegar on the greens.

I also got an 8 oz cup of carrot, ginger and sesame soup. Mmm!

I also had a clementine...

... and a small skim cappuccino with a chocolate hazelnut biscotti.

After lunch, we went to Paragon to get new sneakers!!! They had me run on the treadmill so they could analyze my gait and "technique." Apparently, I pronate to the left, which either caused my stress fracture or is the result of it. Anyway, I got a pair of Asics that has an extra level of stability, and special insoles that support my arches so I won't get plantar fasciitis (OUCH).

Don't they look angelic?

Tonight was my last night of work, so I wanted to treat myself to a delicious sushi dinner. I ordered the sushi combo (7 pieces of sushi and a California roll), but Sunny, the oh-so-amazing sushi chef, sent me home with two extra California rolls and a Slammin' Salmon roll (salmon, lemon & cilantro).

I ate all the sushi, the Slammin' Salmon roll and two pieces of California.

For dessert, I had three clemmies and two pieces of Dagoba dark chocolate. This is one of the best combinations.

Eastern Promises is on TV, so I'm watching that in bed. Bonne nuit!


Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your soup and your shoes. They both look cozy, but in much different ways =)

Sweet dreams!

Pearl said...


Anonymous said...

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....WF ANDDDDDDDDD sushi!?!! dub tee eff Katie?! Why do you have to make me so dang jealous with your eats! you stink for having such amazing food..................JUST KIDDING, LUVVVVVVVVVVVZ YOUZZZZ!

happy monday!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your new shoes!!!! Great sushi! Hope you enjoyed your night!

VeggieGirl said...

WHOLE FOOOOOOODS!!! And I love your shoes :-)

Nicole ( said...

The store place looks really neat! It'd be awesome to get analyzed like that for the perfect shoe.

Yum, sushi! What do you think the best sushi restaurant in the city is?

emilydh211 said...

oh sushi is my all time favorite! We have the best sushi restaurant here, and on wednesday nights all of thier rolls are half off! Its pretty much amazing.

I love those sneakers, and that is so cool how they custom made them. I think its about time to retire my tennis shoes and get some new ones too.

Anonymous said...

mmm WF biscotti is so good! yum.

I LOVE my asics

K said...

THAT WFs lunch had officially made me jealous!

I still need to try sushi :( it looks SO GOOD!

HangryPants said...

Good luck with your new kicks!

Anonymous said...

That's a cool way to analyze your gait. I like that idea!