Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gives you hell...

Sorry, but that song has been in my head all day. Moving on...

Another late morning! I don't know what's up with our sleep schedules, but it is funking me up. I had a lunch date in the early afternoon, so I just grabbed a banana and a coffee on my way out. This was not my finest coffee-making day... it tasted so watery!

I met Kalle for lunch and we went to our usual, Tomo, and had our oh-so-yum bento boxes. I had a bowl of miso soup (which also tasted watery! I poured in some soy sauce...) and a cup of hot tea.

Clockwise from leeft to right: tempura, California roll, brown rice, seaweed/ soybeans, tofu teriyaki.

I had one of my figgy bars on the street:

Kalle and I went back to my house and played with nail polish and watched silly TV, just like the goold ole days.

I rushed down to the gym for a quickie.

20:00 minutes on the stairs
arm machines
ab series

42:32 minutes total
maximum heart rate: 180
average heart rate: 142

I rushed over to dinner at Eatery, where I met my parents and Stewart.

The waiter brought out some kind of sweet and crunchy rice crisps. I forgot my wallet at home tonight, which meant no ID so no vino for me!

We split the shrimp spring rolls with grilled banana, Japanese eggplant and black sesame dipping sauce.

For my entrée, I ordered a salad with black tea crusted salmon, smoked tofu, grilled pineapple, organic mixed greens and avocado-jalepeño vinaigrette on the side.

I had a triangle of whole wheat pita. Bad contrast!

We were going to a play tonight, so I got a cup of coffee as a preventative method... it failed and I snoozed through the entire first act (Pal Joey is a musical, I might add, so sleeping should have been difficult...).

We shared a bar of this dark chocolate four ways.

I snuck two clementines on the way out of the theater.

I have a very exciting day day planned for tomorrow, so I want to get enough shut-eye so I can fully enjoy it to the max. Bonne nuit!

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Anonymous said...

You lead such a cultured life! Dinner and the theater! And then you quote, All American are too cute!

I love that song, BTW. I guess the lead singer wrote it for his ex who broke up with him before they made it big. She must just cringe every time that song comes on!

Have a great Friday!

VeggieGirl said...

Miso soup!! Figgy bars!! Holy yum.

Fun night out with your folks!!

Happy Friday, dear Katie!!

emilydh211 said...

im so jealous of your sushi lunch! Most of my friends dont like sushi, so I can NEVER get them to go with me!

The All American Rejects actually came to my college last year to play and it was really good!

Nicole ( said...

The bento box looks amazing!

K said...

That song is so damn catchy - it always gets stuck in my head!

Niiiiice eats today :) Don't you hate it when you leave your ID at home? It bums me out, I love my vino!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun with your parents! What yummy food! Enjoy your weekend!

just me said...

wow, what a great load of meals! i'm so jealous!