Monday, January 12, 2009

Look guys, no beard!

Well, maybe a little one, but nothing compared to the old guy! A couple nights ago when I came home from work, Ari told me he had a present for me. It was dark, so I couldn't really see him, and when he presented me with a little ziplock baggie I wasn't sure what was in it. Yep, it was beard hair!!! (We're weird, I know.)

My workout was pretty quick today because of my dentist's appointment.

20:00 stairs, levels 7-9

Arm machines (I don't know why, but the shoulder presses have been really difficult for me the past few times and I can't do more than two sets.)

No ab series today!

We were going to go to Whole Foods for lunch, but we peeped inside and it was pretty much all-around pandemonium. We went to Cosi instead (which didn't end up being much better). It's funny- I never go to Cosi (although it used to be my and Kalle's go-to place), but I've been twice in less than 24 hours!

Today I got a "Duo" with half a sandwich ("Fire roasted veggies" with feta spread) and a small salad (Signature Light- my favorite). I also got some sweet baby carrots, which I shared with Ari.

After the dentist (A+ in oral health!) I went to H & M. They were having a sale so I got some great stuff and a free sweater! I've been looking for a full black skirt (this is a high-waisted lacy tulip) so I was very happy to find one that fit well for a nice price! I'm also a sucker for accessories, and they had cute little hairpins so I got some of those and a boat-necked nautical shirt. Ah, materialism, how I love thee.

I picked Charley up from the groomers (note to self: do not wear Chucks and then walk 25 blocks in below freezing weather). No more Mop Dog!

I made a Fage / clemmies (2)/ prunes (2)/walnut snack:

I drizzled it with a little pomegranate syrup. It was a perfect addition: sweet and tangy. We got this syrup a while ago when we made a bulgar pilaf recipe. Thanks for the idea, Daddy-O!

To stay on my dairy kick, I also had a Laughing Cow Light cheese.

My parents have a yummy dinner planned. I might try to prep a few items to have later in the week... I haven't been cooking so much lately, if ya hadn't noticed!

Have a lovely Monday evening! (I STILL can't get last week's episode of Gossip Girl to play...)


VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, dried fruit!!

Cute dog!! :-)

Enjoy the meal with your family tonight!!

K said...

Haha - what a sweet gift from the boyfriend ;)

NICE H&M purchases! Hope you liked the Cosi sandwich - it's one of my favs!

Enjoy your dinner tonight!

just me said...

Mm! I've never been to cosi but see everyone having jealous!

cute doggie! and love the shopping purchases!

have fun tonight!

megan said...

I haven't watched last weeks GG yet either! oh well, I will catch on tonight I hope.
I love all your eats today and your H&M buys! LOOOVE nautical and tulip skirts. You're going to look way cute in that!
Have a wonderful night, Katie!

Laura said...

Very cute dog! I love H&M!

emilydh211 said...

Those clothes are soooo cute girl!

Hope you have good dinner tonight :)

bigsprout said...

after the dentist,there's nothing better than pure, dark chocolate--indulge!--congrats on your dental triumph

Anonymous said...

I love the style of the clothes you chose...very cute!

And Ari and the poochies haircuts look nice =)

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! I would love to go to Cosi. We don't have one around. Charlie is adorable!