Friday, January 2, 2009

Un gustoso notte

Good evening! Hope you've all had a lovely Saturday. I'm currently watching a special on Billy Joel with Ari... he's trying to convince me that he's a genius. Sorry to all your Billy Joel lovers, but I just don't think my mind is going to be changed!

My cousins are leaving early tomorrow morning, so we had a nice farewell meal at Regional.

We were all starving, so the ciabatta and white bean spread the servers brought out was much appreciated.

My dad and I split two specials: branzino in a white wine sauce with olives, zucchini, tomato, carrots and potatoes...

... and linguine with lobster, mussels and calms in a light red sauce.

I usually don't finish my plate at restaurants, but Daddy-O and I went about 50/50 on this and I ate everything. Delicious!

We had some Montepulciano with dinner, but the pictures didn't come out at all. When I came home, I had one of these:


Off to bed with me. Bonne nuit!


VeggieGirl said...

Wonderful evening!!

Anonymous said...

haha yesterday was FRIDAY! you got me worried for a second, i freaked out that 1) i skipped work 2) i had one less day of vacation

try the mint skinny dippers---theyre my favorite

HangryPants said...

The white bean dip certainly looks like it would hit the spot!

K said...

Love that ciabatta and bean spread - yum!

Looks like a great evening!