Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Divinity at Tribeca Grill

Mmm, I just came back from a delicious dinner at the Tribeca Grill. The restaurant is a former warehouse, and it really shows: it's very open, with exposed brick wall and huge ceilings. I told my parents that should it suddenly become a loft built for one with my name on it, I wouldn't complain. Righto!

What's dinner out without bread?

We ordered a delicious bottle of Sandy Cove, a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

I started with Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Cinnamon Crème Fraiche. This. Was. Heaven. I'm pretty sure that without the crème fraiche, it would have been completely vegan. (The drizzle on top is molasses.)

My dad and I split two entrées, since I couldn't decide which one I wanted and Daddy-O is always very accommodating. This is the pan roasted brook trout with chestnut purée, haricots vert & celery root in brown butter. I ate about 1/3 of a filet... the soup really filled me up. The green beans were my favorite part of this dish.

This was the star of the evening: Spinach and sheep's milk ricotta ravioli with rainbow chard & picholine olives. By the first bite I was completely full, but I could not let the poor ravioli sit all by their lonesome. You know how it goes.

Bring on the desserts! Here we have chocolate truffle cheesecake with morello cherries:

Pumpkin, oatmeal & pecan torte with vanilla ice cream:

And a strawberry semifreddo with a meringue "baton":

We split all the treats in three, but my parents were having trouble finishing their cheesecake. Lilveggiepatch to the rescue! You'd think the pumpkin would have been my favorite, but I didn't even finish my portion in favor of extra cheesecake!

I'm pleasantly and happily- (almost) always happily- full. It's going to be an easy movie night tonight.... We have The Science of Sleep (which I've already seen 1.5 times before) and American Teen. Should be fun! Have a lovely evening.


emilydh211 said...

you always eat the best foods! I wish my parents would take me out to eat more often, but their idea of going out to eat doesnt extend too much farther than the local "family steakhouse" haha.

Oh and I love the science of sleep...its such a cute movie!

Have a great night girlie :)

Anonymous said...

wow, everything looks great, but the desserts? send some my way pls!

Anonymous said...

I live vicariously through your trips to such fantastic places! Tonight did NOT disappoint!

I liked American Teen...definitely different watching it from a parent's perspective!

Nicole ( said...

That place looks great! Those desserts sound so tasty.

VeggieGirl said...

Oh my!! I want that Roasted Pumpkin Soup and all those desserts :-D

Anonymous said...

wow everything looks so incredibly amazing. that soup is just so pretty!

K said...

Everything looks amazing! I'm glad you rescued the cheesecake :)

healthy ashley said...

Wow that looks like a great restaurant! I bet I'd looove that soup!