Tuesday, January 20, 2009

His & Hers

Guess who's who? This was our cleaning getup; we scoured the house from top to bottom.

I had an apple-icious snack around 6. This wasn't the best apple, but it did the trick.

Have you ever had rotten tofu? I hadn't until today, and let me tell you, it is one of the foulest tastes I have ever had. It was supposed to make up the bulk of my sandwich, but instead I made another of my weirdo concoctions: hummus, Laughing Cow Light, and cilantro on rye bread. I also had a sweet potato with marjarine (my B&B disappeared) and maple syrup, but I zapped the potato for too long and it was a bit dry. Oh well.

I had a Hot'n Healthy bar (Chocolate Chip) a few hours later for dessert. Gosh, I love these things.

Waitress is on TV and Ari and I are watching. He's never seen it before, but it's putting us both in the mood for pie!

Night night :-)


Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com) said...

Love the pajamas! Too cute, girl, too cute.


Pearl said...

i watched Ghost tonight!

Anonymous said...

I am the pie maker in my family (every holiday...that's my job), so I need to see that movie!

You and Ari are cute in your PJ pants =)

Your dinner party looked so great last night!

I'll take your word on that tofu. I will watch my expiration dates, thanks to you!

emilydh211 said...

awesome pj pants! I have this small obsession with pajamas, for some reason even though no one else is gonna see me I like to have matching pjs and look "cute" for bed! haha.

is waitress not the weirdest movie?!

VeggieGirl said...

HA!! Love the penguin PJs!! :-D

Sweet potato!!! Love.

Simple and Divine said...


DUDE! Those effing bars! LIKE CRACK they are INSANE. When you heat them up = cookie dough. Like the best H0T cookie dough (Seriously could anything be better?!) of ALL EFFING TIME. So I had to stop buying them bc I decided that for me (A) Cookie Dough = too addicting and you always want M0RE (B) THEY ARE TINY and a not such a great calorie bargain for my tastes BC... (C) My tummy was N0T HAPPY with me after I'd eat one

Mostly I'd be like, "I'm just gonna rip off a TINY piece and heat it up..." And three tiny pieces later it was G0NE.

What are the other flavas like? N0 - D0N'T ANSWER THAT. Thank you =]

Anonymous said...

Love the pajama pants!

Eww on the rotten tofu. I've never had that experience and I hope I never do. Yuck!

K said...

CUTE PJS!!! I love both of 'em :)

Ewww to the rotten tofu - that wouldn't taste very good I imagine!

I need to try the Hot'n Healthy bars - they sound fabu :)

HangryPants said...

I love waitress. Now I want pie.

I've never had rotten tofu, but good to know that I'll know if I do. Grossy.

Anonymous said...

hahah, adorable pj's!

pie? oh my. we should all go back to josie's for a repeat performance of those pies.

Anonymous said...

Ew! So sorry your tofu was the funk!
You and Ari = cutest blog couple