Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eau de Bengay

Bon après-midi, mes enfants! I slept in nice and late today (9:50... ha!) and sore as a thumb (?). I used some good ole Bengay last night, which helped for a little. The cartoon above is so true... I am getting so demanding with my backrubs!

We went to breakfast at the diner this morning since Ari had the morning free. Here he is "being a cheese":

I got an egg white omelet with spinach, feta, tomato and onions. I asked for tomatoes and lettuce instead of the potatoes today. I ate almost all of it smothered in delicious ketchup.

Look at all that buttah! I think I can deal with that daily indulgence.

I don't have to work until Saturday night, so I'm just lounging about in my PJs. You know how some people just can't be inside with their shoes on? I'm like that with my watch, one of my rings, and jeans. Isn't that strange?! Do you have any weird quirks like that?

Have a great day!


megan said...

That omelote looks really, really good! As does the buttah :)
Have a great, relaxing day!! Yay for no work until Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I immediately take my wedding ring and jeans off when I get home. I don't like the thing weighing my finger down, and I like my pj pants/sweats/yoga pants too much to be in uncomfy jeans!

K said...

Your diner toast makes me want to run out to our local diner and indulge in the buttery deliciousness!

I can NOT wear jeans inside my house either - I immediately change as soon as I get home!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's strange at all. I take off my wedding ring and jewelry the minute I get in the door! And I can't be barefoot.
Ari needs to guest post!

Anonymous said...

yeahhhh ketchup on eggs.

i totally change into sweats the second i get home. my roommate freshman year used to make fun of me because i changed like 5 times a day.

ConsiderEatz! said...

Im the same way! As soon as Im in the door im naked and in my pjs, girl you know it! I will be there the 15th-18th! :) :) :)

Simple and Divine said...

SHIT YES. I am totally a JEANS OFF, COMFIES ON typagurl. OH and earings? NO THANK YOU! Hair OFF the face and DON'T LAUGH, bra off (I can totes manage though bc, well, I'm pretty much as flat as they come... 32A anyone?)... I'm FULL of quirks :)

Anonymous said...

Your omelet looks great! I always take off my jewelry and get on comfy clothes!

Laura said...

I change as soon as I get home, and I hate having bare feet too!

ConsiderEatz! said...

Have you tried Tiger Balm, addicted!

For the lentil dip, I bought this at the farmers market. I presume you could go about it like hummus. Using Lentils, evoo, lemon juice, garlic, spices/herbs. Sorry I took some to my apt in a tupperware so I don't have much referance! I will keep you posted on my travels! ;)