Monday, January 5, 2009

Rice and tofu, anyone?

Good evening, my fine non-feathered friends! I hope you've all had lovely days. Mine was quite nice, thank you, although it seemed to pass by so quickly! I think that probably has to do with going back to bed immediately after breakfast. I haven't even been up for 12 hours, but I feel so tired! Strange how that works.

I made it to the gym in time for Vinyasa yoga. Just like the last time (which was Anurasa) it was ridiculously hard for me to do and I found myself looking at the clock every five minutes. There were a lot of poses I had to come out of early because my muscles just couldn't take it. I'm not going to give up, though... I know it will get easier.

On the way to meet Ari after the gym, I ate leftover Gliding Calm tofu, steamed green beans, and Lundberg brown rice blend. Good news: even cold, this tofu is delicious!

I had a Gala apple when I got home while I went through my cookbooks and the new cooking magazines to see what I wanted to make for dinner.

I decided on the mushroom soup from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything...

And the Panang Tofu Curry from the February issue of Bon Appétit in the article on how to cook green in 2009.

The curry was a delicious blend of coconut peanut buttery goodness with a little spice.

The soup was fast, easy and vegan. It would be great as a pasta sauce, or as a topping on fish or chicken (or even steak, for those so inclined). I was cooking everything at once, and I accidentally put some of the tofu into the soup. Whoops! It tasted good, though!

We served the curry over brown rice.

A little cilantro garnish for the soup added some nice color.

I had a glass of white wine, but I only ended up drinking about half of it.

We had some Edy's Slow Churned Rich & Creamy Vanilla Bean ice cream for dessert...

... but what's ice cream without chocolate sauce? I also added some pecans.

I'm watching Prime Suspect (the tv show, not the movie) while Ari finishes up some work. I do love my crime dramas! I have a feeling I'll be dozing off soon, though. Bonne nuit!


Laura said...

All of your food looks great!

And you're right, what is ice cream without chocolate sauce?

megan said...

That ice cream looks delicious, girl!
And, hang in there with Vinyasa. You will do it :)
And, about your comment on my blog about my bag- we MUST be shopping soul mates because I find myself walking around in stores carrying bags all too often :)
Have a lovely night, love!

Anonymous said...

That curry looks wonderful, and that ice cream is in our freezer right now!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Love your dinner and dessert!!

VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for yoga, Miss Gliding Calm tofu, a delish dessert, and a great cookbook!! :-)

ConsiderEatz! said...

Yum, Cold tofu rocks my world!
Let's be real. What is anything without a little chocolate drizzle?!

BTW- Are you in the city?

K said...

I love-ah the shroomies :) Your soup looks great!

Crime dramas are the best shows on TV (well next to Lost and House)! Elliot and Olivia - any day!