Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bake-a-holic! Secret Santa begins...

Good afternoon! I have had a lovely, quiet day so far filled with baking and munching. After I picked out the recipes I wanted to use for the Secret Santa exchange Sarah's hosting, I went to the grocery store to pick up ingredients and some eats for me.

I wanted to get some stuff in the oven before I had lunch, so I had a little clemmie to tide me over.

After all the rave reviews the blogworld has been giving Amy's California Veggie Burgers recently, I had to pick some up for myself. They did not disappoint! They had a nice and grainy texture. I understand now why Megan mushes them up, though... they're so soft! I think I might like my Morningstar Farms burgers just a wee bit more; I need a little firmness in my chomp!

I packed a whole wheat pita with a Laughing Cow light cheese, dijon mustard and ketchup. I also had a sweet potato with B&B and brown sugar... my favorite! There was no lettuce or any kind of green veggie to be had (except for some broccoli, but I'm not sure if my parents are saving that for something). I'll have to catch up on that tonight!

I caught up on my vitamins and Emergen-C. I'm so bad, I haven't taken them in about a week!

There was too much pita for the burger so I ripped off about 1/4. I totally decimated the sweet potato, though!

Now, on to the baking!

I don't want to give anything away, but I'll leave you with a few teasers:

Both things come from here:

I'm going out with my friends Lisa and Lizzie tonight. I've been eating out a lot recently (a lot for me, that is) so I'll have to be a little more conservative in the future. It's a great way to see people, though, and a person's gotta eat!

What low-budget things do you do with your friends, especially when it's cold outside?


Simple and Divine said...

Paint!! I looove painting and could do it for hours! We watch movies, laugh about stupid shit (for hours), bake, eat, umm... I guess that's about it! haha


Erin of Care to Eat said...

We play wii and board games. :) But we do that anyway - I live in a boring town!

VeggieGirl said...

Sweet potato!! Baking galore!! Love it.

If you like the Amy's burgers, you should try the burgers that I gave a major shout-out to in my 2nd video ;-)

We watch movies.

megan said...

Thanks for the shout out with the burger mashing! I'm glad you gave them a try, even though you like your Morningstar's better! Love that sweet potater though :)
And, yay can't wait to see what you're baking, girl.
And when it's cold outside we watch movies. But puzzles are fun, too! I haven't done a puzzle in years, actually.

ConsiderEatz! said...

Board games,fun! Sometimes! ;)

I love those amy's burgers, especially the Texas, All American and Bistro..yum!
Happy Baking can't wait to see who gets the goods!

Laura said...

Those are my one of my favorite veggie burgers! I try to avoid soy, and they are one of the few grain-based veggie burgers I can find in any grocery store.

My friends and I watch movies usually. Sometimes we'll pretend like we're young and play some drinking games. :)

just me said...

i love to get together and bake or just chill out and play cards! so much fun!

Pearl said...

wow! what's that cookbook about?

when it's cold outside, my friends and i usually gather somewhere and catch up on our lives spent away from one another (in college) :) probably in a coffeehouse or in someone else's house.