Thursday, December 4, 2008

Keep on shoveling snow

Something naughty happened at the coffee shop... Carlye and I ate Sarah's cupcake. I'm sorry, Sarah!!! It just... happened.

I had what has quickly become my favorite dinner: Gliding Calm baked tofu, a sweet potato, and kale (or spinach, but kale tonight :-) ). I mixed it up a little bit by making maple mashed sweet potatoes: I melted B&B, maple syrup, cinnamon, ginger and cloves together then mashed them together with a hot sweet potato. I will definitely be making this again, it was delicious!

My favorite kale: tossed in a rice vinegar/toasted sesame oil/ginger/sesame seed dressing.

Sarah's "frozen yogurt" (and yes, that is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 in the background)

So, we're supposed to shovel our sidewalks, but being a silly little city girl, this is proving to be more difficult than it seems! Feel free to make fun, but after 20 minutes I'd barely made a dent and my fingers were numb, so I gave up and went back inside. Is there some kind of snow-shoveling secret I don't know about? BAH.

Edited to add: My Poetry prof is hosting a pot-luck on Monday and we're each bringing something. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could make to bring?


ConsiderEatz! said...

Sweet potato combo sounds awesome! How about a big batch of those?!

megan said...

That sweet potato sounds so yum! I will have to try that combo. I second Caroline's suggestion of bringing those to the potluck! That would be enjoyed by all :) And, being that I'm born and raised in New Orleans I can not offer any snow shoveling advice hehe

VeggieGirl said...

Sweet potato + kale = two of my faaaaavorites.

Yes, I too think that those sweet potatoes should be the potluck dish-of-choice.

K said...

Would you like to cook for this honeycreeper?! I'll come shovel your snow for you - us midwestern girls have lots of practice with that! Haha everything looks SO GOOD!

Potluck dishes: I'm a big fan of hummus (obviously) so that with pita chips and veggies OR those sweet 'taters!

Sarah said...

1. Wake up and get going on a new post so that I have more reason to procrastinate instead of writing my paper for JVG. (And Julia... And Andrea... And Arabic....)
2. Remind me to make you my mom's AWESOME orange-flavored sweet potatoes.
3. For the potluck: salad is easy, as is crudites (but maybe a little expensive), or maybe you (we?) could whip up some yumdelicious baked good.

Anonymous said...

mmm fro-yo + sisterhood of the traveling pants = great night.

last year was the first time i lived off campus and had to shovel snow--it sucked! I was like 'ummm, this is my dad's job....' does that make me a spoiled brat?