Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not in the cards

Remember this song? 'Cuz I sure do... I had so much energy today that I just had to dance around the apartment singing all my old favorites. Apparently I forgot to close the windows, however, because as soon as I unpacked my computer at Cahoots "Oops! I Did It Again" started blasting through the coffee shop. Whoopsies!

Anyway... here's a wonderfully awkward picture (and look at those eye baggies!) of me in the library with a dried mango slice:

I really wanted to cook... but I lacked time and energy so I heated up one of my frozen dinners. This was my first time having this Amy's meal:

I served it on a bed of lettuce. I know it doesn't look like the prettiest dinner...

It needed a little something extra, so I added a chopped tomato, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and chili flakes. Has anyone else ever noticed that no matter how much sodium (a lot!) there is in a frozen dinner, it's never quite salty enough?

It wasn't bad, and I'd probably buy it again. It did remind me how much I love real Mexican food; Kalle and I were just talking last week about how we need to go back to one of our old high school haunts, Mama Mexico. Another restaurant to add to the ever-growing list...

At Cahoots I got a 16 oz skim au lait with a shot of espresso and hazelnut syrup. Not as good as I thought it would be... I think I'll stick to the two drinks as separate entities. Max described it as "thick sludge." Yum.

I came home craving a sweet treat and had this Silver Moon chocolate chip monster cookie with a glass of milk. Heated up, it was gooey and delicious, and tasted fresh-from-the-oven good.

I didn't end up having time to make it to the gym tonight, but I'm hoping to get there in the morning to work off that bad boy and get a much-needed endorphin kick!

Have a great night!

Also, David Byrne & Brian Eno together might just be the best thing to ever happen.

Edited to add: please visit Heather's blog and leave a comment on this post; each comment contributes a $.05 donation to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.


Nicci said...

i think those tomatoes made your dinner look extremely good!!

Anonymous said...

hey girl! damn. I have missed lilveggiepatch readn'. Ya feelz me? I am stress out too (in response to your previous post)....if only Finals could come a little bit faster, except that I'm totally not ready and need the time to study!

ANYWAYS, I've never tried that Amy's meal, but I do have to disagree on the frozen thing... most the time, they are way TOO salty for me.

The picture of you is ADORABLE, and hey! Email me your email addy so we can be facebook buds. I've got most my other foodies on there, why are we so behind?!

HAVE A WONDERFUL THURSDAY KATIE!! Don't stress! We'll make it!

K said...

I went to the BSB concert this summer and the middle schooler in me MAY have died and gone to heaven!! LOVE THEM!

I have that Amy's meal in my freezer. Glad to hear it passed the test! Have fun bustin out the endorphins today!!

Anonymous said...

Backstreet Boys own my soul. And my Ipod. Classic.

Loving the looks of that Amy's meal. I might just have to pick it up if I ever see it around. Gotta love some good Mexican food, yum.

healthy ashley said...

Mmmm.. thick sludge!!

I love the mango picture. Did anyone give you a weird look after that?!

Anonymous said...