Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Well done Pig, well done."

Oof, I am stuffed.  Everything has finally settled and I'm a pleasant, satiated kind of full.  We dined like kings and queens tonight; everything was absolutely delicious and worth every splurge-a-rific bite.  Here's a little re-cap of the party:

Georgie D. playing some holiday jingle:

What's a party without a little champagne?

Daddy-O passionately guarding the shallot/endive/anchovy tart:

One of my oldest friends Niki:

Niki, who made said tart... très parisienne.

Appetizer spread:

Blurry appetizers (crudités, sliver of tart, marinated green & white asparagus):

Mama in her pretty green Christmas blouse:

These caviar/potato puffs come with Karen every year, and we all anxiously await their arrival.  They are the bane of our existences, I tell you.

Almost everything my dad made tonight came from this Marcus Samuelsson cookbook.   These tasty little items were curry-spiced chapatis with a layer of puréed eggplant and seared sushi-grade tuna, drizzled with black olive oil sauce.  These were amazing.  I had more than my fair share...

Happy Chanukah!

Clockwise from bottom: couscous, molasses-glazed carrots, quince peanut salad.

Shot of another Moosewood soup, but I've forgotten the name.  It was made with sour cream, and tasted a lot like the paprika sauces that are all over Hungarian cuisine.

Now for the dessert! Here's the cake my mama and I made (chocolate gingerbread coffee bundt with hazelnut poached pear and coffee whipped cream):

Coconut tapioca over a lemongrass tangerine reduction, topped with a great big blackberry:

And, although I was positively stuffed, I just had to try one of Trying to Heal/ Rainforestgurl's cashew butter chocolate dipped cookies.  Oh my sweet lordy, I have died and gone to heaven.  This was the perfect ending to a delicious night. 

I'm off to see if the boy will watch A Nightmare on Elm Street with me... chances are slim, but I can always hope!

I picked up this protein powder on the way home... am I the only person who didn't know that Kashi made it?

Bonne nuit!


carolinebee said...

thanks for your sweet comment...haha your post title! My friend in HS would always say.."that'll do pig, that'll do" SO funny...gorgeous pictures, and i love your booties! What a fun party and enjoy the movie :D

just me said...

yay!!! i'm so glad you enjoyed the cashew butter cookie!!!!

and what a great dinner party! looks like a blast!

Simple and Divine said...

Veuve is w.o.a.doubt my faaave champagne mmmm <33 love love love!

K said...

Everything looks so fancy and delish! Love your dress too!

Girl, what are you doing - GET to that PB & Co. store STAT!

By the way, your movie reminded me of my uncle. On Thanksgiving we were talking about Christmas movies and he was like, "I like that one...what's it called...Miracle on Elm Street!" We were like, "Umm...I think you got your holidays mixed up there." Haha

VeggieGirl said...

HAHA!! Love your blog post title :-D

What a great night!!

Kashi ALSO used to make ready-to-drink protein shakes (besides the powder that you make to mix yourself), but they discontinued those products... oh well, haha.

Erin of Care to Eat said...

OOh that looks like a beautiful spread! That picture of your daddy is too much!
Love the Winnie the Pooh ref. :)

megan said...

Yay...the party looked fab! I am glad you had fun!
I am liking your outfit, girl!
Have a great Monday!