Saturday, December 20, 2008

Soup's on!

Good morning! I'm still a little groggy, so if this post is amassed with typos you have my sincere apologies in advance.

As a pre-work snack last night, I had a warm pita with almond butter, banana, honey and cinnamon.

I took the Crispy Crunch Salad (radishes, romaine, carrots, artichokes, chick peas, hearts of palm, croutons - which I flicked out) home after work and ate it on my walk home. Classy, huh? I used about half the dressing they gave me, but the "vinaigrette" was still think. I'm going to get oil & vinegar next time.

Sweet tooth greeted me at home: vanilla swiss almond with passion fruit preserves:

I also had two truffles, but couldn't find the camera. They were yum, but maybe not worth it.

Half of a Clif Bar before soup kitchen, if you can see it in the arms of my frog, Leon:

I'm off to the soup kitchen! I'm meeting my mom afterwards to bake a treat for the Brunch. Have a great Saturday!


VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, love the pre-workout snack; and passion fruit preserves?? Divine!!

Enjoy today's activities!!

K said...

The pita + the salad = total yum! Hey, a girl's gotta eat when a girl's gotta eat! I wouldn't be coordinated enough to eat and walk so props to you!

Have a blast today :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you ripped open the pita like that!

megan said...

Ahh, passion fruit preserves?! Yay!
Have a great Saturday, love!

Pearl said...

wow fruit preserves sound yum :)