Monday, December 8, 2008

Brunch shenanigans

Good afternoon! It's actually starting to look a little like evening because we're supposed to get a whole bunch of snow. All the more reason to cozy up in bed!

Brunch was a whole lot of fun. It was actually a little sad because this was by far my favorite class this semester. Katie and I will be taking an independent study with this prof, though, so we have a lot to look forward to in the spring!

There was so. much. food. Once again I left with the too-full feeling, so I'm going to try to put dinner off for as long as possible.

A cup of tea:

Clockwise from left: apple-cinnamon bran muffin with blackberry jam, homemade veggie-filled macaroni and cheese (sooo good), roasted thin-sliced potatoes with rosemary, mixed green salad with pears, grapes, craisins and feta topped with Newman's Own Lighten' Up! sundried tomato vinaigrette (I brought the salad minus the greens).

I actually surprised myself by loving this muffin. I didn't try it plain, but with jam it was superb. Erin was right in calling this a "dense" muffin, but it was mighty tasty. I saved an extra for later.

Clemmie, x 2:

Reed made his own cinnamon roles!

They were rich and deliciously yeasty. Good thing I was super full because I definitely wanted more than one.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day napping (very much needed), deep cleaning the house, and studying.


megan said...

Brunch looks fantastic :) As do the cinnamon rolls!
Glad you had a good time...enjoy your nap, love.

K said...

Veggie filled mac and cheese + homemade cinnamon rolls + your delish muffins = one mighty fine meal!

Enjoy your nap!!

VeggieGirl said...


Have a lovely nap, girl!!

Anonymous said...

Woo woo dense muffins! :)
Cleaning and a nap sounds so divine! Enjoy yourself!