Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good morning! Well, mid-afternoon actually. Sorry I didn't actually post in the AM; things were pretty rushed for me. To save time and not give myself any opportunity to make excuses, I slept in my gym clothes last night. I know that's a little weird... has anyone else ever done that? It worked, though!

I had half of this Apricot Clif Bar before I left...

It was really good! Very sweet but not sickly so, and the chunks of dried apricots were delicious. I'll definitely buy this again.

I misplaced the post-it where I recorded my workout stats (I need to get a little notepad or something); the only thing I don't remember exactly is the time

22:00 (ish) minutes
4.0 miles
194 calories burned

ab series

My bike time was shorter today because I found myself getting really hot and lightheaded, and didn't feel up to going for a longer ride.

I combined breakfast and lunch today because it was already 12:20 by the time I was showered and dressed.

I made a super egg scramble:

1 whole egg, 1 egg white
1/2 sliced Roma tomato
sliced mushrooms
Morningstar farms crumbles
feta cheese
salt, pepper, chili flakes


I ate it on a Thomas' Light multi-grain English muffin.

I also had a bowl of grapes:

Carlye and I staked out a campus bake sale after Russian today. I got a "NY peppermint patty brownie" and a carrot cake cupcake (which I'm giving to Sarah). The brownie was soooo good, and tasted like a smaller scaled version of the cake my mom and I made last week.

We're at Coffee News studying now... I got my usual skim au lait with a shot of espresso and a sugar in the raw packet.

Runner's World has an interesting article about food nutritious food pairings. Check it out!

Happy Thursday! Only one more day until the weekend :-)


VeggieGirl said...

Grapes + cake = holy yum.

Yes, I read that article in Runner's World magazine. I love that they paired oatmeal with strawberries, and a baked potato with spinach - delish!!

Andrea said...

oooh i never knew apricot was a cliff flava. loooks so good! what level do u go on the bike?

Katie said...

Andrea- I do level 14 on the bike; almost everyone else I've seen doing it bikes at 18, but that's a little too much for me!

megan said...

Yum for that brownie!!! Brownies are wonderful :)
Thanks for the Clif Apricot review- I love trying new flavors...I always skip over that one for some reason.

Thanks for the supportive comment you left on my blog today about the party!!!
Have a lovely night, girl!

K said...

That is a great breakfast scramble!!

Thanks for the article link - I've got to try a baked potato and spinach!

Hope you had a fab Thursday!

Laura said...

I've never tried the apricot clif bar! It sounds good!

You make me miss college, btw. :)