Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Take a deep breath...

I know no one wants to hear how stressed out I am, but I just need to write it once: I am stressed out. Hopefully now that that's out of my system I can get over it and move on. I am, and have always been, the kind of person who leans towards ignoring/ denying a problem when I'm overwhelmed, which in turn ends up making things worse because I get down to a supreme time crunch, don't get enough sleep, and almost make myself hyperventilate. So here's to changing that as soon as I "Publish Post"!

I had a Chocolate Brownie Z Bar at Brewberry's. This was (I think... my memory seems to be going) the first time I tried this bar, and I liked it a whole lot better than the Honey Graham flavor. It did still have a little of that "protein" taste that I'm not so fond of, but at $.49, it's hard to complain about the small things.

Surprise surprise, cafeteria lunch again! I didn't have time to go home and make something to eat before class, but it wasn't too bad today.

Starting from the white blob (yogurt) on the left: plain yogurt, chili sauce (burned my poor tastebuds), cinnamon-flavored bulgar topped with coconut and raisins, steamed cauliflower, mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette, cornmeal-dusted seitan with pick-a-peppa sauce.

Skim milk and coffee:

Joe presents my oh-so-beautiful chocolate chip cookie bar:

My reward for getting this Russian paper done is going to the gym. It's open until midnight, so I should be able to do that... It's funny that working out is a treat since I used to have to bribe myself just to get myself into my sneakers and running shorts! I think it's because I was so itchy to move when I was debilitated because of my injury, that now it really does seem like something special I "get" to do. Anyway, hopefully I'll be super-duper productive, get tons of work done, and get a nice little sweat session in.

Happy Humpday!


VeggieGirl said...

I hear ya 100% on the stress, Katie - I'm so stressed that now I'm ILL!!! :-( Hang in there, girl!!!!!!

K said...

:( Take it easy girl! Everything will, luckily, be over with soon!!

ConsiderEatz! said...

Pace yourself my dear, slow and steady wins the race! :) Yummy little cookie you got there btw

megan said...

I am stressed right there with ya girl!!! Thats why I went to J.Crew today and had a bit of a spree!!! But I got some deals :)
Your dinner seems so flavorful and that cookie looks like a keeper :)
Have a great night and enjoy your reward (workout)

strongandhealthy said...

Hang in there! You'll get through it!

Your cafeteria meals are awesome! Ours were never like that!

Nicci said...

I hope your week gets better chica!!