Monday, December 15, 2008

Stir crazy

I have literally gotten off this bed (AKA my "office) maybe three times today. I need to get out of the house and MOVE! After tonight all my schoolwork will be over until January, and I will have only one semester of college left. Whew!

I had some leftover Armenian lentil soup (my dad put it in a nice little care package for me) for lunch. It might have been even better today! It's funny how leftovers work. The next time I'm home, I promise I'll post the recipe.

With some dried apricots and my light reading... It's so good! Does it matter that my 11 year old cousin is reading the same series? I didn't think so.

Two clemmies (don't mind my chicken scratch):

And two more! I'm a slave to the clemmie monster.

I had my last JamFrakas bar... this was actually my favorite flavor so far. This one tasted more like a Larabar than the others, and at 90 calories and 1g of fat, it was a pretty good snack.

I'm not sure what's up with dinner tonight... I'm waiting for the boy to come home to see what he wants to do. Nothing fancy... and I kind of want to watch Final Destination. Ari HATES scary movies, but I promised to watch anything he wants next time. And who can say no to Devon Sawa?

Have lovely evenings!


VeggieGirl said...

Devon Sawa = so hot. Enjoy!! :-D

megan said...

aww devon sawa...nice!
i want to try i jamfrakas bar SO badly!!! ugh, i am waiting for them to arrive down here. patience is a virtue :)
have a lovely evening with your fella, little lady!

Sarah said...
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Anonymous said...

wooahh something crazy just happened to my comment.

i was trying to say that me and my mom are both reading that same series so she should feel even lamer than we do!

just wait until you see the movie---robert pattison as edward is the best thing thats ever happened to me.

*Andrea* said...

love the soup... but i'm biased since i'm armenian ;) i looove scary movies - hope you watch one tonight since i can't (stupid finals!)

Anonymous said...

Yay, you're almost done!!!

Simple and Divine said...

OMG UM EXAMS = PRISON. PURRIOD. But you're hot, so no worries! :)


Anonymous said...

I completely empathize with you on the housebound! It's horrifying! So glad you get some time witcho man!

K said...

Ugh - I was a slave to my bed yesterday but now I'm FREE!! Hang in there, girl!!

Laura said...

That last semester is going to FLY by! Enjoy it!