Friday, December 26, 2008

Mama Day

VALKYRIE! Go see it. So good. And eat a Banana Bread Larabar while you're at it, just like I did. 

Good evening! I don't know why this blue link is showing up, but it's annoying me, too. GRR.  I had a great workout at the gym today, thanks to Miss Bella Swan (I'll be finished with the series soon, and after that I promise I'll stop being so annoying).

I don't know if any of you all have this problem, but Safari never lets me rotate pictures, even if they're already saved right-side up.  Bah.  I went to Whole Foods and got some sushi:

 My mom and I found some AMAZING sales in Union Square (including a pretty new gym bag!).  Across from a store where we found beautiful designer dresses for 75% off (!) we spotted this adorable little wine bar.  

We each got a glass of Vouvray, which is sort of the "house white" in Paris.

While making dinner tonight, I snacked on some carrots.

The last time I went grocery shopping I found this great whole grain blend.  I decided to cook some of it up tonight.

I finally made some Gliding Calm tofu at home, for first-timers Ari and his brother.  We don't have a glass baking dish so I just used a cookie sheet with aluminum foil.  The result was a little less saucy and carmelized than usual, but it was still good.  We also had some steamed spinach... this is my go-to meal at school, but I don't want them to make them go back to eating college food!

Sliced apple for dessert (so far, so good...)

I also had a gingerbread buddy covered with a thin layer of PB and chocolate frosting.

And then came the Oreos.  The problem with these guys, which I never forget, is that, like Pringles, once I pop the fun can't stop. I've already had FOUR of these and I have a feeling that it's not the end of the insatiable monster within me.  Oh well, as I always say: tomorrow is another day.

Hope you've had a great Friday! Bonne nuit.


Anonymous said...

i saw valkyrie yesterday and thought it was awesome!

i can't rotate my pictures either so i just gave up and don't take vertical pictures on my camera anymore, it's a real pain.

i think oreos have some addictive drug in them---the government really should investigate.

Laura said...

Yes, tomorrow is another day. :)

I looks like you had a nice day with your mom! It doesn't get much better than shopping and wine.

VeggieGirl said...

FAAAAAAAAABULOUS day with Mom!! And I love your scarf :-D

K said...

Glad to hear the movie was a winner!

I love wine bars - heck, I love all bars...

Sounds like a great day was had with your mom :) Hope the boys like the GC tofu!

just me said...

oh man, if i had know i totally would have made my chocolate covered oreos for you too! oh well! you got a somewhat different version! hehe!

what a nice day w/ you mom!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwww thank you mama cita for sharing my tofu with your fam!! i hope they enjoyed it!!

so cute and fun for you and your ma to have some bonding time! you look gorgeous in that picture!!

megan said...

Katie, you look so cute in the picture! I love the outfit. And I need to see these designer dresses!!!!
And everything else you bought...
I love Oreo's too...they are too addicting, though.
Happy Saturday, love!!!