Friday, November 21, 2008

Cheap Gas!

How did it go down more than $2.50 since I've gotten here?! Gas is now $1.75 a gallon, my friends. A DOLLAR AND SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS! Are we still sure eating gas is bad?

My oh so amazing Poetry prof brought in the (almost) equally amazing donuts; I didn't even try to resist. Katie and I split a sugar and a chocolate-glazed... these might even rival The Donut Pub. I'll have to do some "research" when I get home to find out... darn!

Cafeteria salad: spinach, chick peas, cauliflower, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, banana peppers, steamed broccoli, beets; dressing = vinegar, oil & yellow mustard. I also had a pierogi on the side. The first meal I had when I was in Krakow, Poland, was an assortment of three different flavors of these guys. I ate wayyyy too many, and I'm pretty sure I ended up with a tummy ache, but it was worth it! This was surprisingly tasty as well. I only ate about half of the salad... I guess the donut filled me up.

Curried lentil soup with coconut and parsley:

An apple a day...

I was pretty hungry after running errands at Wallgreens; it is so much more expensive than Target! Edy's Rich & Creamy ice cream is $6.97, and they're 2/$6 at Target. That's the price of convenience!

Cottage cheese with a Bartlett pear:

Kashi TLC trail mix bar. Aren't these jammies cute?!

There was a very nice surprise in my mailbox for me: my parents got me a subscription to Bon Appétit!!! I can't wait to get the first issue. I may be making a four-layer cake from their December issue in the near future...

Nap.time. Have a lovely evening!

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VeggieGirl said...

Your professor brought donuts?? Score!!

Hell yes for Bon Appetit magazine!!! :-D

Have a lovely evening!!