Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coffee tallies and city stats

Ended up needing another little "boost" and gave in to the biscotti craving. Sadly they were out of chocolate chip and chocolate chip pistachio, so I got cherry almond. NOT GOOD. I dipped half in my coffee and saved the rest; I can't see myself eating it unless I crumble it up into oatmeal or something. Sad.

My mom suggested I tally how much I spend, weekly, at coffee shops. Today was kind of a splurge day (whoops), and with both coffee drinks and the cookie treat it was close to $10. Yikes!

We brought Carlye lunch at work, which took a little longer than expected because of some parking issues. Well, leaving the parking lot, I should say. We were parked next to a big black monster truck, and had no trouble getting in, but getting out was hard for both the truck driver and us! The poor guy was waiting for us to come out of Chipotle so we could help him out. He ended up having to help us, though: he ran back and forth between the front and back of my car as I pulled up and moved back 2 inches each time, until I was pointed the right way out. Thanks, Monster Truck Man!

Anywayyy, we made it to the cafeteria on time for "brunch" (I don't think that word applies when you get up at 7:30). I love going because I can get a huge pile of fruit and eggs cooked to order.

Egg whites with two slices of whole wheat bread (w/ whipped butter):

I don't think I got enough fruit.

Around 3:30 I had a little snack, which was going to be my pre-workout snack but I started feeling a little icky.

Archer Farms nonfat Honey Almond yogurt with 2 tbsp muesli (yes, I measured it out) and a serving of SELF. Sorry I caught you at an unflattering angle, Giada!

The magazine's annual "Best Places For Women" featured New York and Minneapolis in a couple areas:

New York is the #7 Healthiest City overall
Minneapolis has the #1 Healthiest Hearts
New Yorkers are the #1 Healthiest Commuters
New Yorkers are the #1 most likely to walk to work
People from Nassau-Suffolk County, NY (where we go a lot) have the lowest rate of depression

I think "my" cities did pretty well! To keep myself healthy, I pledge to make myself a delicious and nutritious home-cooked meal tonight. I just want to take it easy, relax with some tea, watch some holiday movies... and homework, what?


VeggieGirl said...


I just received the new issue of SELF in the mail today!! Hooray!! Giada is awesome - I actually met her a few years ago at an event. She's lovely!! And short, haha ;-)

Blah, homework to do here as well :-( Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

mmm that fruit looks mighty tasty.

i need to start watching how i spend my $$ too!! esp. when i blow it on 18 dollar WF bowls ha!

i need to get me one of those SELF mags. giada is great. so cute. my older bro has a crush on her too.

hw for me tooooooooo. ewwie