Sunday, November 16, 2008

Morning already?

The dance show was great last night! Jalene and 11 other girls did a Bollywood number (do people even say that anymore? I sound so old fashioned!)... so fun. There was a really great dance to "Paper Planes" which made me very happy! It went on until well past 11 and I got a little hungry, so I bought some honeydew:

We went to a "Come As You Were Freshman Year" party...

Actually, only we came as we were freshman year. Someone said it was like that scene in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan shows up at a Halloween party dressed as an "ex-wife"... it was pretty funny, because the costumes were so good!

I had gin & tonic and a beer, then came home and played "uncle" with the ice cream carton. Guess who won?

x 2. I had a lot on my mind, and the easiest way to remedy that was to eat two heaping bowls of ice cream. I think that's the logical answer, don't you?

I'm having lunch with my grandparents pretty soon, so I just had a Banana Nut Zone bar. I've never had these before, but it was pretty good and not artificial or "bar" tasting at all. I have another kind of Zone bar in my stash, so hopefully that one will be as tasty as this.

Enjoy the last day of your weekend! I love Sundays.


VeggieGirl said...

Such a fun time you had last night!!

Anonymous said...

That is my favorite bars! I hope the other one you have isn't the strawberry yogurt kind - it is not so hot :/

Anonymous said...

I totally buy that logic.