Sunday, November 2, 2008

Photofest! Halloween goes on... Pt. 2

Katey and I went to the Dakota for our friend Andrew's CD release party. His band, Loe & Nasty's, played for about an hour and a half in a really swanky place. It was a lot of fun; half my school was packed into this little jazz club!

I was pretty full from all the snacks I had at the Halloween party, but I knew I should eat some "real" food, especially since I was going to be out late.

I served it on top of 4 oz of spring baby greens. I like this combination! I got the idea from Women's Health.

Katey and I (and the rest of our table) got some Pinot Noir.

I also had a "Minnesota martini", which didn't end up being very photogenic (and I didn't finish anyway). I was very appreciative of the extra hour I got this morning; because of the daylight savings time shift, I didn't end up going to bed until what felt like 3 (2).

I'm having lunch with my grandparents at their club, but I needed some kind of breakfast. I had a smoothie with Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate, sugar- free) with a banana, skim milk and PB.

And a piece of protein bread with B&B and blueberry jam.

I'm going to get back in bed and watch a little Greek until I have to leave for Wayzata. Happy Sunday!