Saturday, November 29, 2008

Warning: Bad Lighting!

Hello hello! My eyes are droopy with sleepiness so, again, this'll be a quickie. I had a little pour of this Zinfandel before dinner:

At Karahi, Caitlin and I split a Kingfisher.

I LOVE INDIAN FOOD. I haven't had any (unless you count Ethnic Gourmet frozen dinner, which I really don't) for months.

Vegetable samosa (YUM), curried chickpeas, cauliflower fried thing, sauces.

One piece each of potato and onion naan. Sorry about the lighting!

Caitlin and I split orders of vegetable korma and palaak paneer. I had two smallish helpings of each (with a little rice), but by the second I was soooo stuffed.

I visited the restaurant I worked at last summer and the summer before that to say hi to my friends there. When I came home I hacked into this monster...

I had a thin slice (and more crumbs) with a glass of skim milk. My dad apparently could barely finish a bite, but I had no problem with this guy! But boy, is it rich. I'm glad I'll be leaving it behind when I go back tomorrow, I don't trust myself around it!

My flight leaves for St. Paul at 5; we're going to have a nice brunch from my favorite bakery in the morning. Off I go to get my beauty sleep... Have a wonderful Sunday!

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K said...

I need to get my hands on some Indian food - it sounds and looks amazing!

Have a SAFE trip home!!