Friday, November 28, 2008

Strange things are awry..

I just typed the whole thing up and then in magically disappeared. It's funny how that happens.

When Kalle and I go out, we go to one of three places because they are all fabulous for their own unique reasons. Tomo, tonight's (and most frequent's) choice, is where we go when we want to talk. Talk in an-I-haven't-seen-you-in-a-year kind of way, with good service.

Hot tea, salad:

L-R, CW: shrimp/veggie tempura (not the healthiest, but worth the splurge for these dinners) with dipping sauce, California rolls, ginger and wasabi, brown rice, soy/seaweed salads, sashimi (2 tunas, 1 white tuna, 1 salmon... I always try to eat it last).

We met up with Greg and a bunch of his friends at the Abbey Pub , had a couple drinks, then left in search of ice cream and an unfrosted cake.

Mama was asleep, so to Tasti D we went. Only, it is not longer called Tasti D, it's "The Lite Choice." Hmm. Well, it's still light, so we got small snickers soft-serve with fat free hot fudge. Yum yum.

To bed for me... Soup kitchen tomorrow early. Bonne nuit, belles rêves!


K said...

What a fun dinner! Snicker's soft serve? Sign me up please :D

Hope you had a great morning at the soup kitchen!

Nicci said...

I was just thinking about eating sushi today! Your meal looked so good. I think I know what I'll eat for lunch today!