Saturday, November 8, 2008

Playtime's over

This is going to be one long post to make up for the last 24 hours. I have a ton to do, so I'm going to try to be quick and a little less descriptive than usual.

Z Bar after school yesterday:

Half a piece of Turtle cake and black coffee at the German House. This cake was

Cheese, crackers, shrimp with cheese, grape with cheese, banana slice, bun filled with potato and mushrooms. I went to the Russian House to watch the "election" celebrating the anniversary of the October Revolution. The contestants included Lenin, Stalin, and three other upstanding (maybe...) Soviets. "Lenin" won... the guy playing him got reeeeally into it, and even shaved part of his head!

Sorry for the horrible picture, it was pretty dark. This is what the inside of the bun looks like:

I went to see Jeremy Messersmith at the Turf Club with Katey and two of her friends from high school. The Turf Club is a really great space: it's cozy and intimate, and everyone just sort of talks to each other. We talked to Jeremy and the band before him; Chris Koza, a Twin Cities singer/songwriter, was there playing with Jeff Hanson, and we're sort of friendly so we talked a little on the way out of the venue. Anyway, Jeremy did not disappoint. Check him out! You can hear a lot of his songs here.

Unfortunately, I came home with the late-night munchies. It started off innocent enough, with a bowl of special K/ Wheetabix with skim milk...

Then came the Halloween candy.

Plus five more pieces that I ATE IN BED while watching Eagle VS Shark. Not okay! I usually eat healthily enough throughout the day, but my "slips" happen after I've eaten dinner and it's late. Any suggestions on how to fight that urge?

I woke up this morning and made some "instant detox", AKA Carnation Instant Breakfast No Sugar Added (chocolate flavor) with a frozen banana and skim milk.

And a slice of protein bread with B&B, apple jelly and blueberry jam.

I had a fun, family-filled lunch at The Marsh in Minnetonka. I had a great salad made with arugula (my love), purple and golden beets (hidden under all the greens), cornmeal-crusted goat cheese and grilled tofu (not as good as Gliding Calm's!). I poured a little honey-lavender dressing over it.

The ladies who lunch, L-R: Granny, cousin-in-law Ellen, Great-aunt Linda, her daughter Laura, Laura's daughter Katie, me (not the most flattering photo of myself!).

On the way home, I FINALLY went grocery shopping. Here are the goods:

I had a gift card at Target and I couldn't resist these handwarmers. So cute! Yes, I could have made them... but I don't have the time! I also got a little camel-colored knit hat.

Tonight is going to be awful. I have soooo much work to do! I haven't had ANY coffee today (although I had a lot of green tea at lunch) and my body is aching with fatigue. Sleep is not an option, so I'm going to make a big ole pot 'o jo!

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VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for "ladies who lunch" and food-shopping!! :0)

Hang in there with tonight!!