Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deep Sleep 9

Lunch was a hummus (garlic & herbs), Lightlife "bologna", mustard and green pepper sandwich on double fiber bread.

Grapefruit and a Rachel's yogurt (which I didn't end up eating):

A couple bites in I decided my meal was missing something. It was a little dry, and although I admit I was tempted to load on some ketchup (I know, I know!) I opted for some black bean and corn salsa (Archer Farms brand). It made all the difference!

As I said, I traded the yogurt for an hour and a half of naptime, and I was out. Deep afternoon sleeps always make me so disoriented when I wake up. But, up I got to go to get my X-ray. I snacked on a Luna in the car... this is by far my favorite flavor.

I got GREAT NEWS at the doctor's! My leg is healing "beautifully," and I can resume some low-impact exercise, AKA biking, yoga, pilates, etc. Around Christmas I can step it up a little (elliptical), and in February or so I can start running again, assuming there are no problems up until then. I am so happy! I'm most looking forward to the energy boost it'll give me... if you couldn't already tell, I've been so lethargic recently. Which leads me to...

Life w/o C8H10N4O2... that's caffeine, for everyone (including myself!) not inclined to chemistry. I've been pretty groggy all day, and I have a teensy headache right now, although that could be unrelated. We'll see after one more day, when it'll probably mostly be out of my system from Sunday.

My friend Morgan is coming over to cook dinner; I went to Whole Foods and got some supplies:

Canned pumpkin, extra-firm tofu, Clif Mojo bar, red kale, demi-baguette, Ezekiel tortillas, spinach: $16.21. Could be worse!

Have a lovely evening!


VeggieGirl said...

I just finished reading that issue of Women's Health!! :-)

SO relieved to read the good news from the doctor - hooray!!

Have a lovely evening, Katie!!

ksgoodeats said...

Congrats on the great news! Plus you can never go wrong with a little stop to Whole Foods :)