Monday, November 17, 2008

Chocolate overload! Plus 2 product reviews

This baby's gonna be short and sweet, because this girl is tired!

Sarah and I taste-tested these two bars: Peanut Butter Blisscrisp JamFrakas and Cranberry Almond Kardea bar.

Jamfrakas on top, Kardea on bottom.

PB Blisscrisp JamFrakas:

We both thought it smelled good but tasted really bad. They're still spot-on with the texture, but as Sarah said, there's a "sour and bitter" aftertaste that's pretty unsavory.

Kardea Cranberry Almond:

It smells just like dessert! We both identified an almond paste-y taste that made the bar taste like cranberry marzipan. Even though it looks a little "questionable" (the shininess is a little off-putting), the bar is delicious and the texture is fab. I hope these are sold in stores soon!

On to dinner!

Tomato-eggplant soup with coconut and cilantro:

A skinny sliver of spinach pine nut pizza:

Salad: spinach, onion, peas, lentils, corn, carrots, cabbage, tofu w/ mango teriyaki sauce; I made a dressing out of oil, vinegar and yellow mustard.

Becky with my banana caramel chocolate chip cake dessert:

Grapefruit snacky a little later...

Starbucks with Sarah! (Maybe I should start calling her 'S,' although my name doesn't start with a 'B' so it's not quite as cool...) Tall skim hazelnut signature hot chocolate.

Bedtime! I'm off to the doctor for my final x-ray (I hope) tomorrow morning.... I hope it goes well!


ksgoodeats said...

I agree with the JamFrakas review - there is one funky aftertaste to it.

Don't you love the starbucks red cups? :D

Good luck with your x-ray appointment!!

Tina said...

I like the side-by-side review! Thanks!

Erin of Care to Eat said...

MMM I love the cran almond Kardea bars too!