Wednesday, November 5, 2008

John and Vivien

For some reason "Why Georgia" by John Mayer has been in my head almost all night, and I haven't listened to that since about 10th grade! I remember buying that album along with "August & Everything After" and "Hard Candy" by Counting Crows, Norah Jones' first album, and "Sha Sha" by Ben Kweller the day I got back from St. Martin with my friend Alex's family. Ah, memories.

This afternoon I snacked on a sliced pear:

... and a slice of protein bread with B&B and half apple jelly (made by Jalene's dad) and half raspberry jam.

I ended up napping until 8 and just reheating my pumpkin penne from the other night. I mixed in some Morningstar Farms crumbles to mix it up a little and add some extra protein. Topped it with some herbed goat cheese again...

Finished up my baggie of frozen veggies... the thought of eating the plain was really not so appetizing, so I got a little ketchup happy. It looks gross, I know, but it did the trick! Blue was trying to sneak into the picture.

With Emergen-C and vitamins... I can't wait until my calcium supplements come.

I went to Sarah's and watched Anna Karenina with her and Carlye. We saw the Vivien Leigh version (I think TCM was having a Vivien Leigh night) but there's an earlier edition with Greta Garbo which I would love to see. I started the book when I was in high school, and I think it's still on my nightstand where I set it four years ago! Maybe I'll read that over winter break...

Becky and Sarah made a shrine to Obama:

Sarah pulled out the big guns with a DQ pumpkin ice cream cake. It had little chunks of crust in the vanilla layer, and pieces in the icing. YUM. I am helpless when pumpkin is involved, which has become increasingly clear this year... I somehow managed to only eat a sliver.

I came home and was still feeling snacky. I was all ready to make a yogurt mess, but then I thought about it and knew I really wasn't that hungry at all. I just wanted to chew on something (note to self: buy gum!) so I saved myself a potential 400 calories "snack" in favor of dried fruit and nuts.

I have an early morning tomorrow so I'm going to get in bed and read [the endless] On the Road. Bonne nuit!

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VeggieGirl said...

Vivien Leigh = amazing actress.

I had to read 'On The Road' about a month ago, for my America in the 60's class - that book is soooooo weird, haha. There's no plot!!

Happy Thursday!!