Friday, November 7, 2008

Time to restock

We are running desperately low on all our groceries. No milk, down to the last package of tofu and yogurt, hardly any veggies... But I did manage to make a perfectly scrumptious breakfast of waffles with Greek yogurt, banana, walnuts and honey.

Layer 1 of lunch:

Added some chickpeas...

Green bell pepper...

And onion (plus a sprinkling of feta). I packed a container of Light Lime Vinaigrette to mix in later.

Clif Builders bar, PB flavor.

I'm off to the post to mail away the cookies! I hope they're not all broken and stale by the time they get to Georgia.


VeggieGirl said...

Yes, go food-shopping!! It's fun :-D

Happy Friday!!

Simple and Divine said...

YAY def go grocery shopping! THE BEST :) And def post pics of your loot! ;)


Jessica said...

That breakfast looks nummy! I have waffles... that's about it. Pardon while I envy your plate ;)