Saturday, October 4, 2008


Excuse the omission of an entire day of posting, but yesterday was my 21st birthday... no, I didn't drink myself into oblivion and black out drunk, I was just out all day. But first:

Ari and I started the morning off with Hungry Girl's Egg's Bene-Chick:

This is made with a slice of whole wheat toast, one poached egg, two slices of soy baked ham, and a nayonnaise/mustard/whipped butter sauce. Topped, of course, with ketchup! It's funny that this is the second time I've used the Hungry Girl Cookbook in the past few days.... I've been getting the daily emails for over a year, and I bought the book over the summer, but I've never made anything from it!

We decided to have a movie day for my birthday so we drove to the mall to see Religulous. We weren't going to have lunch until after 3, so we had Clif bars in the car and Twizzlers at the movie theater.

We had Jimmy John's for lunch en route to the next movie, How To Lose Friends & Alienate People. I got a tuna club: tuna salad with cukes, tomatoes, and sprouts, lettuce and onions on whole what.

Ari and I seem to be magnetically attracted to the Mall of America; last year we went on his birthday and on mine we spent almost 5 hours there. Funny, since shopping there is more stressful than tempting. I did succeed in getting him to go on the Log Chute ride (kiddie "roller coaster" that goes through the water) which I used to go on with my grandpa when I was about 8. So much fun! The ferris wheel was kind of a letdown after that, sadly...

We ate at the Twin City Grill for dinner restaurant. It was one of the only sit-down restaurants in the mall, and I took advantage of the 45 minute wait to ring in my legal age with a Grey Goose pear & soda.

I ordered the seared ahi tuna with mango salsa, subbed steamed broccoli for potatoes, and had some hunks of bread. I ate a little more than half the tuna, and all the broccoli. I could have kept eating the tuna, but it was a little rare-er than I like, and I wanted Cold Stone!

I sipped on a glass of Riesling throughout dinner. I wanted a Pino Grigio, but I'd tried what they had on the menu before and I was not a fan. The Riesling was pretty good, and not saccharine-sweet.

I was so excited about the ice cream (Peanut Butter Perfection subbed with Sinless Sweet Cream) that I totally forgot to take a picture. Sorry about that!

This morning was the 5K race. We got up early, had breakfast, stopped for coffee, and registered. Breakfast was a bowl of Special K/ Cracklin' Oats with a banana and skim milk. At Caribou, I treated myself to a pumpkin latte I've been craving since it started to feel like fall.

We'd decided to walk it so as not to damage by leg, but after about a mile I had to stop. I was reeeeeally disappointed to not even be able to say that I'd walked the first race I'd been planning on for weeks.

Hopeful (and... scared?) pre-race:
We came back to rest up a little (my leg wasn't doing so well) and I had a Gala.

We went to Shish again for lunch, but I had more of a brunch: crab cake eggs benedict, sauce on the side. I've had a lot of whole eggs this weekend!

I'm playing catch-up and blogging at Coffee News; I think we're going to try and see Liz Phair (my f-a-v) tonight at First Ave and then Blindness.

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