Sunday, October 5, 2008


It is so cold in the apartment. We're going to call our landlord tomorrow to see if we can get the heat turned on (I know it's only October, but this is Minnesota, okay?!), although when we do, we can't turn it up higher than 68. That's what I keep my air conditioner on in the summer!

I had leftover tuna and a bowl of pumpkin chickpea soup that Ari and I made from the Café Brenda Cookbook. I'm exhausted, but I promise I'll put the recipe up when I have time. It was a little bland, so when I reheated it for dinner I added some chili flakes, curry, salt and pepper. Good improvement.

Tonight's movie was Viktor Shklovsky's Bed and Sofa, made in 1927. I really liked it; I love silent films, especially when they involve illicit affairs! Some parts of it were pretty silly, though. Anyway, there were Petit écolier-type cookies, which my friend Lindsay and I couldn't get enough of in Paris, so I had one. I'd hoped to be able to resist after my lunchtime pie, but nope. Tomorrow is another day.

I came home to a little chaos in the kitchen: Betty Ford had gotten into the cupboard and broken the shot glass I had gotten from my cousin Bere (he's 11, he only collects them), which I was pretty sad about. Guess I'll have to go to Fort Wayne and get another one!

Betty trying to get my nighttime pumpkin bread snack (I won this time):

I'm off to bed; I need to wake up early and get some more reading done. Bonne nuit!

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