Monday, October 6, 2008

Salad again and a night with Hungry Girl

I really liked Hungry Girl's cheeseburger salad when I made it with Ari last week, so I had it again tonight.

I go back to being 7 again when Kraft singles are involved... I have to eat a couple, and I always fold them into tiny squares. It's a little gross that cheese can "fold"....

In this salad:

3 cups romaine, chopped

1 medium tomato, chopped

1/4 red onion, finely chopped

4 pickle chips

1 meatless Boca

1 slice Kraft fat free cheddar

Dressing on side (warning: this might gross you out...) equal parts nayonnaise, dijon and ketchup.

I had a bowl of the best grapes I think I've ever had. We got them at Whole Foods this weekend (the only option was organic, so they were $$$) and promptly forgot about them. Whoops!

I've been wanting to try Vitamuffins for a while, since Hungry Girl raves about them about once a week. I saw them at the supermarket a couple weekend and snatched up a box... and again, forgot about them.

The ingredients list is pretty stellar - I can pronounce all of them- and even better: they're really good! They only had the "deep chocolate" flavor at the store, but who am I to complain about chocolate?! It was surprisingly filling, and at only 100 calories I could afford to spread a little peanut butter on top. De-lish!

I might continue my Hungry Girl kick into the AM... I've been craving Eggs Bene Chick!

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