Thursday, October 16, 2008

Overflow! And BAD internet

Our internet has been pretty fickle since yesterday, and I couldn't access Blogger. So get ready for a bunch of pictures!

I think the pumpkin squares were a hit yesterday. We ate them as we finished binding our books (best class ever) .... Here's mine with a square:

Linda, Emily and Katie hard at work:

Kristin (my prof) and Will, the knot guru:

I ate lunch in the same building I had class in so I wouldn't have to move around a lot... sad, I know. I had a cheddar, tofurkey, mustard, nayonnaise, tomato and lettuce sammie on Brownberry's new Double Protein bread. The bread tasted normal, and didn't have that horrible protein aftertaste I exprienced at Jamba Juice.

I only ended up eating the sandwich and the apple; I was stuffed after having the square right before lunch.

I went to the Muddy Pig with Megan after class (hooray for vacation!). I used her cameraphone to take pictures, but they wouldn't send to me so no photos, sorry. We split two "wit" beers (one I liked a lot more than the other, which had a really weird second taste that I couldn't quite place) and an Ace pear cider, which reminded me of Martinelli's. She ordered lunch, and I ate a bunch of her garlicky broccoli.

Pre-Halloween treat:

My headache came back in full yesterday, and I really did not want to spend time hobbling around the kitchen. So I made a Lean Cuisine dinner... and I am not ashamed! No, it's not fresh, and has a lot of sodium, but once in a while's not going to kill me.

I sprinkled a few too man pepper flakes on it, unfortunately.

With some Horizon Lowfat cottage cheese and the rest of my banana from breakfast. This is hands-down my favorite cottage cheese. It's the small curd kind, and it's not creamy at all.

This ended up being a splurge day after all! I had another pumpkin square and a cup of the best hot chocolate in the world, which my uncle brought back from France. I used to have it every day for breakfast in Switzerland, and my mom and I would have it mit shlog after skiing. And, it has lots of vitamins in it, so it's practically a health food.

I slept for a good 11 hours last night, and made a batch of pumpkin pie oatmeal when I got up. I should have used a bigger bowl, though, because as soon as I glopped the pumpkin on the milk started spilling over the sides. Whoops.

1/2 cup oats

1 cup skim milk

1/2 cup pumpkin

1 tsp flax

5 pecans

brown sugar

Jalene and I are off to Grand Rapids, MN today to spend a couple days with her family. It'll be very nice to get out of St. Paul! I'm still going to have a lot to get done, so I better get started on my to-do list!

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