Monday, October 6, 2008

I'ma do the things that I wanna do!

The new Weezer single ("Pork and Beans") was on the radio on my drive back from the gym, so... endorphins and all... there was some bopping and belting that more than a few passersby saw (namely, my friend Nicole). Ha.

Linda from Poetry made vegan gingerbread cookies and brought them to class today, and oh my goodness they were tasty. It's so funny because Ari brought me special cookie cutters, and we'd been planning on baking gingerbread until we got sidetracked by the MOA. Katie also brought tea... our class is turning into a little happy family!

I grabbed a quick lunch in the cafeteria... nothing looked too great, so I made a salad even though that's what I've been planning to have for dinner. It had spinach, carrots, cabbage, tofu, beets, cucumbers, and lots of cauliflower, drizzled with balsamic and oil.

I ate the pear and saved the banana for later, and took half a honey wheat English muffin with Earth Balance to go.

A Z-Bar before my workout:

I really liked this flavor; much better than the honey graham. It's worth (literally) trying the other flavors- they're only .49 at WF!

I had a really relaxing workout today after class. I brought the new issue of Shape, and what better way to stay motivated than reading about exercise while exercising? I also found a recipe for cinnamon crêpes that I will most definitely be making in the near future. Here's what I did:

35:00 minutes
6.03 miles

288 calories

straight arm crunches- 3 x 20
knee raises w/ stability ball- 3 x 10 (theses weren't as hard today!)
stability ball seated twist- 3 x 10 (the football team came in while I was on my second set and looked a little confused as to what I was doing...)
stability ball back extensions- 3 x 10

It was a nice change to feel so relaxed while I exercised. I wasn't pressed for time, and I'd just gotten off the phone with my friend Kalle, who I never get to talk to. Good day! However, the gym was so crowded at 4:30 as classes end and teams start to filter in, and it was a little overwhelming.

My dad mentioned a few weeks ago that chocolate milk is just as good for refueling after a workout as a sports drink, and I've been reading about this trend a lot recently. I'm sure endurance athletes have been doing it for years, but I'm glad I found out about it! Here's what Runner's World says about using it as an alternative:

Over the past several years, exercise physiologists have determined that drinking a carbohydrate-protein combo soon after exercise helps speed recovery because it quickly replenishes spent glycogen stores. Typically, the beverages used in this way are jazzed-up sport drinks with extra carbohydrates and added protein, usually in a ratio of about four to one (carbs to protein). Jason Karp, an exercise physiology graduate student at Indiana University, recently tested a popular carb-protein recovery drink along with good old chocolate milk (low-fat, of course) to see which helped speed recovery better. In the study, a group of cyclists pedaled a grueling interval workout to deplete glycogen stores, then immediately drank either two or two-and-a-half cups of chocolate milk or the recovery drink. Two hours later, they drank the same amount of the same beverage. Two hours after that, the cyclists pedaled at a fixed pace until they were exhausted. The results: The cyclists who drank the chocolate milk pedaled just as long as those who had the recovery drink. This type of timed performance trial indirectly indicates how much the cyclists' glycogen stores had recovered from the previous session of exercise. So after your next long run, go ahead and chug a cup or two of low-fat chocolate milk (cookies are optional).

So... here's the chocolate milk! Unfortunately I didn't mix it very well, so I had a whole bunch of syrup sitting in the bottom of the glass.

I'll probably wait until 8ish to eat, and take advantage of the empty house to take a hot bath and soak in the tub. Woohoo!

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