Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Face Off

Dinner was quick and easy tonight: reheated chickpea pumpkin soup with a little curry stirred in, and Annie's Mac & Cheese with tuna and yogurt. There was only one serving of shells left in the pasta box, so I added a little whole wheat penne to the pot.

I had a little more of the pasta. While we were eating, we had a little entertainment: a full-on kitty duel. You can see that Betty Ford is the instigator tonight (as usual), circling Blue:

I know it's kind of evil to watch and take pictures instead of separating them, but it was too funny to miss. Megan brought over a catnip cigar; luckily Blue got to it before Betty. She was pretty happy:

We've been saving these Warm Delight desserts for over a month, and today was the perfect night. I added a little scoop of ice cream to mine. Yum!

Even though I slept almost all day, I'm pretty tired. I'm going to try and get up earlyish to bake for poetry class tomorrow. Bonne nuit!

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glidingcalm said...

haha my cats go crazy back home!! it can be startling when you don't hear them coming and the next thing you know they are BOTH flyingggg fast you and full speed.

i always wanted to know how those warm delights were! looks good Katie!
happy Wednesday!