Monday, October 13, 2008

Are you fired up and ready to go?

Michelle Obama's visit to campus today was quite an ordeal. People started lining up to get seats at 9 AM! I went after class and a man who was working the event took me to the front of the line, where a woman representing the ADA alerted me to a special handi-capped only entrance. There I was greeted by about 20 people (fellow students and older volunteers) who walked with me to a chair (I didn't need that, but what if I had?) and got all of us situated. Would that have happened had I not been on crutches? No! They'd set up about ten rows of chairs for people with disabilities and pregnant women. If I'd gone to the end of the line, I wouldn't have been able to see a thing! I'll stop rambling, but it was very nice.

I made such a mess of myself at lunch today. I wanted something fast, and I hadn't had time to pack lunch this morning. I went to the sub café in our campus center and got a California sub on wheat: avocado, cheddar, banana peppers, jalepeños, tomato, spinach, cucumber, olive, and onion, with some honey mustard. De-lish. Unfortunately the mustard squirted out of the bottom and got all over my just-washed pants!

When we were at Whole Foods yesterday, they were giving out samples of embodi. Here's what the website says about it:

Embodi is specially formulated to capture the healthiest parts of the red wine grape and leave the alcohol behind. One bottle contains the full spectrum of antioxidants found in red wine.

Major Health Benefits of Red Wine Grapes may include:

The secret to red wine's antioxidant power is the fact that the grape juice ferments with the seeds, stems and skins of the red wine grapes. In Embodi, these powerful antioxidant benefits

come from the red wine grape extract and its unique polyphenol antioxidants.

Polyphenols are natural plant compounds that have been scientifically proven to help the body support cardiovascular functioning and healthy cellular growth.

I'm not expecting any miracles, but it tasted very good (I had "citrus resurgence") and at only 90 calories, it complemented my lunch very nicely.

I had a Larabar while waiting for Michelle to come out:

This flavor was okay; it did sort of taste like a key lime pie crust. I wonder if Larabar has samples of different bakeries' pies, or banana breads, or peanut butter cookies, and keeps testing until their bars resemble them? I'll admit I was wondering about this in the beginning of the rally...

You can sort of see her in this picture; I couldn't zoom any closer. She's in the middle wearing a purple v-neck shirt and a black cardigan.

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