Sunday, October 12, 2008

Breakfast's at 8

Again, I apologize, but lunch photos are in transit so they'll be posted tomorrow.

I waited too long to make dinner, so I ended up rushing to throw something together. I was kind of in a breakfast-y mood, so I re-created a high school classic: the belly bomber. This is actually pretty far from "the Shack"'s real sandwich (egg and cheese with bacon on a roll), but it was still good. Unfortunately, I baggied it a little too early and it kind of smushed out. But here's a picture of it intact, pre-smush:

Poached egg, Morningstar Farms sausage patty, Kraft single (I got fully chastised for using these this weekend, never you worry), roasted red pepper on a Thomas' Double Fiber honey wheat English muffin. Notice anything missing? (Hint: ketchup!)

I think these muffins are new; I haven't seen them before but I like where they're going with this! It didn't have the over-fiber cardboard taste, and tasted just like the honey wheat muffins I've come to know and love.

I had a most ungraceful entry into my film class: 10 minutes late, crashing into the wall with my crutches.... My prof rushed over and moved chairs out of the way and bombarded me with snacks. I packed up the pretzels and chips (and gave them to Jalene) but I was so tired and hot and sweaty that I gulped down the Coke (I can't even remember the last time I tasted this). Whew!

Grapes and sweet potato after class, around 9:30.

I had a study session with some people from my English class a terrifying midterm we have tomorrow.... My brain can't take any more tonight so I'm going to take some tylenol for my teeny headache and watch the new episode of Friday Night Lights with Ari over ichat. We're dorks, I know.

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