Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breakfast in the PM

Sorry in advance if I sound a little moody in this post; I'm in a bit of a funk. Before I start my little rant, here's a cute little picture of the kitties- it looks like they're getting along!

I have mixed feelings that it's already the end of October: the semester's more than halfway over, and in a few months I'll be back in New York trying to find a job. The job part in itself is pretty scary, especially with the market the way it is. Almost the whole time I've been in college, I've been waiting to get out and move back to the City and start my "real" life; especially since that's where my boyfriend lives most of the time. He's pretty busy now though (which is great, and I am so so happy and proud of him, don't get me wrong) so I probably won't see him until mid- December. And the injury, and the crutches.... I know it's so easy to get down about the things that aren't going quite as well as they could be; the hardest part is staying optimistic. But that's really what I need to do, so I'm going to stop my whining right now!

I had a Sugar-Free Carnation Instant Breakfast packet around 10:00. I've never tried chocolate before, but it was pretty tasty. I bet it would be delicious blended with ice and a banana.

Lunch was a total Caitlin knock-off: grilled cheddar with spinach (broiled, actually) with carrots and pickles.

DO NOT buy this Dasani Plus water. It is SO GROSS. The bottle says "With great taste, refreshment and nutrients, it all adds up to the mouth-watering experience you expect from Dasani." It IS mouth-watering, because it left such a horrible aftertaste that I still felt thirsty!

I was pretty hungry after my presentation (which went alright, I think); I'm going to Katey's to carve pumpkins and watch a movie so I probably won't eat until I get home. I made a big bowl of pumpkin pie oats:

1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup light vanilla soy milk
1/3 cup pumpkin
1 tsp brown sugar
spoonful of almond butter

This is a pretty big and calorically dense "snack," but since I probably won't be eating until 9ish I figured it was okay. And I wanted a little comfort food, and I thought it would fill me up better than a big bowl o' ice cream!

I was still feeling a little bummed so I finished the episode of Gossip Girl that I started yesterday. Sorry to be such a "Debbie Downer"... it seems like a lot of us are feeling that way this week!

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ourkitchenadventures said...

i definitely know how you feel with the mixed feelings about the semester being halfway over. It flew by and I can't believe it's November tomorrow! I'm a senior this year and it really scares me that I'll be graduating in no time and actually have to be an 'adult' with a job and more responsibilities. It will definitely be a change from the freedom that college offers. Things will definitely be different but different isn't necessarily bad and there is so much to look forward to. Just try to stay positive---and it seems like you're doing a really good job at that! As for the injury--that sucks that you've been hurt but the worst is over and it will just get better from here, just think about how exciting and liberating it will be when you're finally recovered! I'm sure it's frustrating now, but just stick it out and keep your chin up : )