Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chicken with its head cut off

I got really hungry around 11:30 last night... maybe from my sugar crash? I had a PB & J on a whole wheat tortilla.

Katey and I aren't going to end up going to the Mall of America; there's just not enough time and we are (as is the entire campus) really stressed out as midterms come up. I wasn't starving since I ate "breakfast" late last night, but I made a batch of pumpkin pie oats anyway. I'm on a big pumpkin kick, as if you couldn't tell! I made a great big pot of coffee that I'm drinking in my "paper cup" with skim milk. And Emergen-C, as usual.

We had a little lost kitty scare this morning.... We couldn't find Betty Ford, and I was pretty sure I'd been holding onto him so he wouldn't run out when I came back from returning the movie. We checked all the cupboards (which he sometimes hides in), my dresser (same thing), but nothing. FINALLY I heard him jump down from the window- he'd been hiding between the window blinds! What a relief!

I have so much to get done today... starting... now....

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