Thursday, October 30, 2008

Paper Planes

Toothy Jack and Thom Yorke:

I've had that song by M.I.A. in my head ALL DAY. I think it's because of that line "I've got more records than the KGB" and my presentation today was on the Soviet purges.... I wish I knew how to upload MP3s, and I'd put up a link to the song!

Katey and I had so much fun carving pumpkins tonight. We watched The City of Lost Children while we carved... it's a really bizarre French movie about a creepy scientist who steals kids' dreams. The main star was Ron Perlman... also known as Hellboy! His accent wasn't so great, snob than I am... sorry Ron.

Katey getting her hands dirty:

I came back around 9:30 and made a quick and easy dinner. My oatmeal held me over really well, so I wasn't famished. I had half a package of Rising Moon organic butternut squash ravioli left, so I cooked that up in the water I'd boiled spinach in a few days ago. A lot of nutrients escape vegetables when they're boiled, so I made my ravioli a little healthier by cooking it in that water. During my sophmore year, we didn't have a stove in my dorm, so I used my water boiler for EVERYTHING. I used to make this ravioli and mix it up with a little Vacherie cheese, olive oil, and a sweet potato. Delicious! We're out of sweet potatoes, so tonight I added a little spinach, a spicy black bean burger, olive oil and some herbed goat cheese to my pasta. It was pretty good, and very filling.

After I mixed it all up:

I had some WF hibiscus sorbet for dessert. I really like this flavor; it's the perfect combination of tart and sweet. This photo just makes it look like cotton candy fluff, but the picture without the flash was even blurrier than the one above.

Back to the grind. See you in the AM!

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VeggieGirl said...

Hehe, I love that song by M.I.A. :0)