Sunday, October 19, 2008

A rare moment of harmony...

I could not believe it when I saw it: the cats were sharing the windowsill! I tried to make as little noise as possible when taking the photo- I wanted to capture the image in case it never happens again! They started hissing at each other as soon as I got in bed to read, but I know their secret: they love each other and it's all a front! HA.

I had an apple while I did some reading... but I was right; I fell asleep for almost three hours. I really think it's because I'm missing both the routine and the physical benefits of working out. My fingers are crossed that in a week from Tuesday I'll be able to forgo the crutches...

I decided to make this dish Caitlin made a couple days ago: Santa Fe Casserole.

1 shallot

1/3 can black beans

1/3 can corn

½ red bell pepper

¼ red onion

¾ cup cooked brown rice

½ cup skim milk

1 egg, beaten

½ cup grated swiss cheese

1 small jalepeño or ½ large

½ tbsp olive oil

pinch salt

pinch chili flakes

sprinkle salt

cooking spray

Preheat oven to 350. In a skillet, combine olive oil, shallot, onion, salt and chili flakes; cook 1
minute. In mixing bowl, combine corn, beans, pepper, rice, milk, cheese, jalepeño, and egg; mix well. Pour onion mixture into bowl and combine. Coat glass loaf pan with cooking spray. Pour mixture in and spread evenly. Sprinkle pepper on top. Bake until the middle is firm, 25-40 minutes.

Casseroles are kind of a new terrain for me; I don't think I've ever made one! This turned out well, and the idea of a more or less one-pot meal is very appealing. I want to experiment with other kinds of baked dishes!

I had 1/4 and a half a sweet potato with a little Brummel and Brown.

Jalene gave me two of my favorite truffles from the store she used to work at (and where Carlye does now): pumpkin and Mexican hot chocolate! Yumyumyum. I split a pumpkin with her and had some of the hibiscus sorbet I picked up from Whole Foods a little while ago. This was SO GOOD.

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Natasha said...

Hibiscus sorbet! Sounds yummy. As a child I had hibiscus tea on a regular basis. The taste always reminds me of the Caribbean. I went to college in MN as well, St. Ben's though. Good luck with your final year!