Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a couple of itless "ITS"!

This heat problem is getting out of control. My nose is so cold and red, and I'm indoors!!! We called our landlord, so hopefully that'll get taken care of ASAP....

Here's my evening "snack":

Dinner today was simple but satisfying. I made some Gliding Calm tempeh (toasted sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, honey, chili pepper, ginger powder baked at 400 for 30 minutes), steamed broccoli and delicata squash. This is the same squash Jalene's mom made for us in Grand Rapids; we picked some up at the Farmers Market before we came back to the Twin Cities.

So far this is the best way I've enjoyed tempeh so far. The sweetness of the honey cancels out the bitterness, and it's left with the chewy texture I love!

I had a bowl of Edy's pumpkin/ chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and PB while I watched a movie my friend Levi recommended: IT with Clara Bow. Genius! I'm going to Netflix some more of her films; she's so expressive (it's silent) and reminds me a lot of my grandmother.

Tomorrow's going to be filled with a LOT of baking, so get ready!

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glidingcalm said...

wahoo!!!!! thanks for the shout out!! check out my post this evening...where I'll feature your blog and the GC tempeh you made! Looks great! and I agree...the honey does cancel out the bitterness a bit!