Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let there be heat!

Our landlord came by and fixed the heat; apparently the pilot light on the furnace was out. Unfortunately, although the thermostat is set to 50, the temperature is reading 85! I'm not going to complain, even to myself, because warm and toasty is a whole lot better than freezing.

I had a Z bar in the afternoon:

I took my usual Sunday nap (although it was 1 and not 3 hours today!) so I had to have a pretty low-key dinner so I'd make it to my Russian screening in time. I had a spicy black bean burger with cheddar cheese on a double fiber English muffin, "hippie" spinach (white wine vinegar and sesame seeds), carrots and a Granny Smith apple.

I'm on to my very last Embodi! I think I still have a couple coupons, but I'm going to be pinching my pennies until Thanksgiving so I'm trying to stretch my groceries out as long as possible. I ended up not having time for the carrots and apple, so I brought them and ate them in class.

I also had two two-bite brownies... I love these things!

The film we saw tonight was Repentance, directed in 1984 by Tengiz Abuladze. Very strange, but I liked it a lot... and it's a good thing, because I have to do a presentation on it for Thursday!

I'm going to get in bed and read a little, and take advantage of the time I have to do it before the school week starts. Bonne huit!

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