Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home again, home again

Ozzie! He likes his hands to be held.

We had lunch and treats at Brewed Awakenings yesterday. I ordered the Zesty Vegan, a panini on basil focaccia with guacamole, tomato, refried beans, banana peppers, sweet onions, and spring greens. It came with three cute little carrot shavings from the farmers' market.

I got a piece of chocolate zucchini bread, which was, oh my sweet lordy, so good. It had a brown sugar walnut topping, and I'd planned on saving half of it for later - I even wrapped it back up!- but I couldn't resist it. You can see how big it is based on that fork (a little trick I learned from Angelina in The Bone Collector)!

Jalene's grandmother, Emmy, made us a yummy spaghetti dinner last night. She even made me a special sauce that was meat free. With some garlic bread:


A wee bit of Merlot:

And, of course, French vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

We packed up and left around noon, but not before having a yummy egg scramble with veggies and cheese.

Rye bread with homemade apple and grape jelly, coffee and orange pineapple juice:


We stopped at Brewed Awakenings to get some caffeine for the road, although unfortunately for Jalene I slept almost the whole way back! It's a little strange even for me, because I had 2.5 cups of coffee with breakfast and a huge tea latte!

Honey spice tea latte with skim milk and a shot of almond syrup:

Road stop lunch: half vegetarian sandwich (hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, lettuce, peppers, pepperjack cheese) on pumpernickel:


We went to the farmers' market on our way out of town and got tons of fresh produce, like some of the sweet carrots from lunch and the squash Tyanne made us for dinner.

When we got back, I had a carrot with almond butter and a pumpkin beer that I have been searching FAR AND WIDE to find. I can taste the "spices" they boast of, but I'm not so sure about the pumpkin...

We've pretty much been cleaning and unpacking and reorganizing since we got back. We'll probably have dinner soon, and Carrie just came from Netflix! Smells like October...

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