Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And I just can't hide it

I ended up having a little zucchini bread/ yogurt snack last night and watched 2 Days In Paris with Jalene. Maybe I'll just go to France for Fall Break instead of deciding between staying here or going back to New York.

This morning and I did not meet as friends. I pressed snooze for over an hour, but finally got up because..... drumroll.... Ari got his ticket to come visit! It's not for a week, but it was incentive enough to get me out of bed. I'm so excited! He'll be here for my birthday, although I have to be at the 5k at 8:15 the next morning. Woohoo! Anyway, I had half a Clif bar and then headed to the gym for what turned out to be a very unsatisfying workout:

1.6 miles elliptical
.6 miles bike

3 x 10 @ 45 and 40 lbs, crunch machine

I can't wait to be able to start running again. Please explain how those two machines took me THIRTY-FIVE minutes?! I didn't feel like I was going slowly, either. Bah. I know I need to wait, though, because my pelvic joint has really been bothering me today and I don't want to cause more damage. But it's frustrating.

I made my last Red Arrow mix last night: 10 grain bread.

This took a lot longer than all the others, because it had to rise 3 times. It turned out pretty well, although it didn't bake up too high in the oven and is instead a dense, short loaf.

I had a slice for breakfast today in an open-face egg white (2) sandwich with cheddar cheese. The one thing I miss about living on campus is getting eggs cooked to order for breakfast in the cafeteria.

I also had a yogurt, Emergen-C, and some "gourmet blend" gas station coffee. Gotta take a quick shower and run to class! (One day I won't be in a rush in the morning....)

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