Monday, September 15, 2008

Mean Reds

Somehow this turned into a funkday (or the "mean reds" as my friend Nicole and Audrey Hepburn would say). The yoga class I went to was HORRIBLE. I knew it would probably be a beginners class, but for an hour and a half the hardest thing we did was "triangle pose"- and it was optional. I was especially looking forward to the class because I've been really sore and stiff since yesterday and I was looking forward to all the stretches. Bah, oh well. I went to Coffee News for dinner and got a tuna melt with cheddar on wheat. I usually get a big salad when I'm go, but I wanted something heartier and thought I deserved it from all the exercising I've been doing. It was delicious and I ate the whole thing, but afterwards I just felt too full. I did, however, get to enjoy Martha Stewart Living (I'm such an old lady) while I chowed down... It miraculously appeared in our mailbox, un-addressed. Should any more "gifts" like these occur, I certainly wouldn't complain...

You can see my best friend Heinz trying to sneak away, but I caught him in time! De-lish! Ari asked me once if it embarrassed my parents that I put ketchup on everything and always ask for it, but this is a pretty new thing. Only after being in the Midwest did I even think to ketchup my eggs. Now I have a hard time eating omelets without it!

I've been reading about muscle soaks for runners. Some people say to use hot methods, others cold. Some say both. I asked someone who plays football what he usually does, and he suggested an ice bath (Caitlin did this a couple days ago) so I was going to come home and try to ease into one of those. I realized I had to move the car for street cleaning, so I did that on my way into the house. Or, I tried to. For some reason I was always either up on the curb or like two feet away from it. I was getting more and more frustrated, so finally after about 10 minutes I just pulled around the corner and parked two blocks away from my house, completely unnecessarily. Then I went to start the bath and saw that the drain doesn't stop up, but only after I'd gone and scrubbed the bottom of the tub. BAH. So now I'm just sore and cranky. I'm going to see if I can get the one massage we're allotted (per semester) sooner rather than later.

I don't have that much to do tonight, so I'm going to just do a little reading and then watch a movie with Jalene. There will probably be some more ice cream consumed tonight... Tomorrow I'll be more upbeat, I promise!

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