Sunday, September 21, 2008


I've gotten a little off-track these past few days, eating-wise, but today is the start of a new week and things can always be turned around. I had some carrots before I went to dinner last night so I wouldn't be starving, and once there ordered the only vegetarian thing on the menu: portobello ravioli.

It was delicious but very rich. The woman who served me dumped an extra ladle-full of cream sauce on top of it before adding the parmesan and cilantro. It came with garlic bread (which I finished) but I only ate about half of the pasta. I doggy-bagged the rest so I might have it for lunch today. We went to Grand Ole Creamery, an ice cream place in St. Paul that I have somehow never been to. I got a scoop of Reese's (of course) and a scoop of Strawberry.

I had a little shiraz at Max's.

When I got home (around 1:30) I was hungry so I had some cereal. Then I had another bowl. See? What is going on this week?!

I'm not hungry for breakfast yet, and I'm going to wait a few hours before my run. See you later!

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Shane Enochs said...

That portobello ravioli stuff looks a lot like chicken >_>

Shane Enochs